Kevin is a curious and independent thinker with a wide range of ever-changing interests. Originally from Montreal, he studied business at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, but decided to pursue a career in design after taking on an internship in footwear design. Ever since he was young, he's been naturally fond of art, drawing and building. Kevin sees design as a way to inspire, improve and transform the environments in which we live. He sees design as a platform where all fields of human achievement connect to bring out our full capabilities and potential. Kevin draws most of his inspiration from opportunities for disruption and ideas that have potential to cause change. He plans to use his background in business and entrepreneurial spirit as a tool to propel his design ideas. From work, school and volunteering, Kevin has journeyed from Montreal to Halifax, New Hampshire, Oregon, Thailand and Italy. Apart from design, his interests include outdoor adventures, cooking and making music with friends. He plays 5 instruments and likes to put on a live performance in his free time.

If you want to reach Kevin, you can find him at:

Email: kevincook0@gmail.com

Skype: kevincook91

Cell: 514 220 0904


Some selected readings that have influenced me and the way I think about design.